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Those of you that are regular visitors to the site will have noticed some major changes the last few months. Firstly – thanks for sticking with us – we really do want to make this ‘the’ site to visit and have lots of plans for the future.

Just a few things to note whilst we find our feet -

  • You’ll notice that the Databases are no longer active – we will be recreating these soon.
  • The forum is currently out of action – this will again be a feature that we hope to bring into place soon.
  • Things may be a little out of place – as we get used to our new design this may happen – but hopefully not for long

So – enjoy the new site! We are very pleased with how it looks!

And just for a little ‘blast from the past’ below is a picture of the WWF Hasbro Ultimate Warrior prototypes that kicked started our original site 2 years ago -

On the left is the rare ‘Yellow Mask’ Warrior prototype.

In the middle is the ‘Purple Mask’ Warrior Prototype.

On the right is the standard store released figure.

Keep coming back – more updates will be taking place soon!

At the end of September stores will see Topps WWE 2012 trading cards hit the shelves.

Worth looking at picking up will be the ‘Hobby Boxes’ which will contain items such as -

  • Shirt Relics
  • Autographs (Including a number of Legends)
  • Relics from this years Wrestlemania
  • Jerry Lawler ‘Sketch Cards’
  • Diva’s Kiss cards

More news on this trading card line is sure to surface in the coming weeks and we will let you know further details as we get them.